A Little About Us

SOFLOGROW originated after recognizing that there weren’t many cannabis products on the market that provided lower doses of THC, allowing the user a more controlled and balanced intake. By recognizing the different needs of various groups of individuals, from the on the go professional, to the busy parent, we created our discreet, solvent-free cannabis oil, available in carefully chosen strains.

What we can do for you…

What is the SOFLOGROW lifestyle? The SOFLOGROW brand embraces all the unique characteristics of a Southern Florida lifestyle: maintaining an active approach to healthy living, finding mental balance throughout the stressors of life, and finding your own ways to find peace and calm through embracing medicinal benefits of cannabis. We took these characteristics into our design of the SOFLOGROW, so we could blend cannabis and relaxation in natural and effective ways.

Why is SOFLOGROW different? Recognizing that there was a demand for low-potency cannabis products, and a rising interest in the technique of microdosing, especially amongst emerging cannabis users, parents, and professionals, SOFLOGROW emerged as a unique cannabis product to deliver a calming feeling in an often-hectic world. It seeks to fill a gap in the existing cannabis market for different solutions for the on-the-go professional who uses cannabis to reduce anxiety or stimulate creativity, or the parent who needs to take some time to unwind from their busy duties without compromising clarity, or the commuter who wants to start their relaxation on the train ride home from work. SOFLOGROW offers something new not only in the approach to cannabis, but the contexts and methods under which cannabis can be used.

How can SOFLOGROW enhance my approach to wellness? Our approach is in the low-dosage cannabis oil and terpene strains that deliver only 60-63% THC per dose, rather than the usual 70% or higher that can lead to strong psychoactive effects, or a “high”. Our low-dose strains allows the emergent user the ability to control cannabis intake to get their desired effect, without compromising clarity.

By microdosing, or taking small doses of cannabis throughout the day, the body can find its ideal balance with the benefits of cannabis, giving the boost you need to tackle your to-do list, bring calm and focus as an important deadline looms, or help your mind and body perform at their best through the various ways cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Where can I use my SOFLOGROW? The SOFLOGROW was designed with convenience in mind. It’s discrete design is so compact and sleek that it can be slipped into a soccer mom’s purse, tossed into your briefcase along with your smart phone, or simply just slipped into a pocket with such a discrete design no one will even know its there.


Our sleek and discreet design provides users the privilege of being able to use low-doses of cannabis just about everywhere and anywhere.


You won’t get the synthetic taste that you can get with some vaporizer products. Our three distinct strains contained in vaporizer cartridges are non-toxic and pure in flavor due the high-performance materials used to create the cannabis oil.


Depending on your strain of choice, the low doses of THC (60-63%) will give you that relaxing feeling without compromising clarity of mind.