SOFLOGROW VAPE PEN SOFLOGROW thought about everything when creating the design for the SOFLOGROW cannabis vaporizer pen.

Each pen is pre-filled with half a gram of cannabis oil containing 100% solvent-free natural terpenes, made from one of the three strains of your choice. Each dose contains only 60-63% THC allowing the user to control their intake in a balanced manner.

The battery is a lithium ion battery 210 mAh, which means it has enough battery power to last throughout your whole cannabis oil cartridge without having to recharge it. The product is recyclable and disposable and is solvent-free, so it’s disposal won’t cause adverse effects for the environment.

Sleek and discreet in design, the pen has a matte rubber finish and is simple and streamlined in appearance. Its design is ellipse shaped, so it won’t roll if you place it down on a slanted surface. The pen doesn’t require a button to release cannabis vapors as it has an automatic heating element that is activated as the user draws vapors from the pen.

SOFLOGROW FLAVORS The SOFLOGROW comes in three carefully-chosen strains aimed to be the ideal tool for the busy person who would like to get a feeling of relaxation on the go.


SOFLOGROW Jack Herer Strain

If you want a dose of creativity combined with a feeling of bliss, Jack Herer may be your preferred strain. A sativa-dominant strain, it’s highly lauded for its ability to bring energy and happiness to the user, allowing you to calm your mind from negative thoughts to be a more relaxed and carefree version of yourself. Jack Herer is available in a pre-filled SOFLOGROW disposable cannabis vaporizer pen in half-gram quantities with a 60-63% THC potency. Sleek and discrete, you can use your Jack Herer vaporizer pen just about anywhere.


SOFLOGROW Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express packs some punch as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, guaranteed to get the user moving and feeling in the mood to get things done. Feeling the afternoon slump and coffee just won’t do it? Bring relaxation to your mind, yet productivity to your day with Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is available in a half-gram, pre-filled cannabis vaporizer pen with 60-63% THC potency, allowing you to take a balanced approach to your cannabis intake. With a discreet design, you can take a pull off the automatic vaporizer pen and no one will be any the wiser.


SOFLOGROW Girl Scout Cookie

If you’ve decided that it’s truly time to allow yourself to relax, Girl Scout Cookie is your strain. An indica-dominant strain, it brings a calming feeling to the mind and body. Ideal for the commute home on public transit, that time after the kids go to bed, or if you’re just looking to bring some quiet and calm into your day. Girl Scout Cookie is available in a half-gram quantity in each SOFLOGROW vaporizer pen. In its discrete packaging, the SOFLOGROW won’t bring attention as you take a pull off the pen, and it can slip right back into your purse or briefcase.